About Us 

The Airline Pilot Club was set up by Andy O’Shea (recently retired after 18 years as Head of Training in Ryanair) and Petter Hornfeldt (Mentour Pilot). We want to address the issues that aspiring pilots like you face as you begin your ab-initio Airline Pilot Training. We recognise the pilot training industry can be an intimidating place with confusing information, conflicting advice and the need for big decisions. We want to clear the path for you, give you straightforward, practical information so that you avoid the traps that could stop you from reaching your goal – the Airline Pilot Career.

With our extensive experience in aviation and the professional pilot training systems, we have been able to identify 4 major questions facing aspirant pilots:

  1. Are you really suited to be a professional Airline Pilot?
  2. How will you fund your training?
  3. How will you choose the best flying school?
  4. After qualification, how can you get an airline job?

The Airline Pilot Club’s goal is to answer these questions for you and set up a structure that will help the right people get access to funding, choose the highest quality flying school and get that airline job.