Airline Pilot Career

So, how do you get on your path to success?

Step One: Assessment & Selection

The Indicative Assessment (IA) has been created by AON, Cut-e and APC to give an impartial set of results that will guide you and your family when making the decision to invest in pilot training. This innovative feature will give you constructive feedback so that you understand your strengths and areas where you may need to improve during your training.

Once you are an Airline Pilot Club member and have been accepted by an Airline Pilot Club approved flying school, having passed the school assessment and selection system, you will be given access to a funding process that will be managed by a global player in the finance industry.

Step Two: The Training

Flying schools chosen by the Airline Pilot Club to be part of its systems have been assessed as being financially secure and operated by management teams dedicated to the highest standards. In addition to having a team of experience and enthusiastic instructors, they have invested in the best available recourses and are totally committed to producing Airline Pilot standard graduates with the necessary Airline Pilot Competencies to successfully transition into an Airline Pilot career.

Step Three: The Job

We are partnering with airlines who are hiring well trained and highly skilled pilots. We have an arrangement with our chosen airline partners to guarantee an assessment and subsequent interview opportunity for our members who have successfully completed steps 1 & 2. The Airline Pilot Club programme is designed to give you the best possible opportunity to pass this assessment and subsequent interview.