VA Airline Training

VA Airline Training was founded in 1997 with a clear focus upon promoting aviation and better preparing people for the profession of airline flying to become ‘Airline Ready’ – this is still our core service commitment today

We specialise in Multi-Pilot Aircraft (MPA) competency-based training courses:

  • APS MCC – VA Whitetail and our partner airline in a Mentored Pilot program
  • MCC
  • Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation
  • A320 Type Rating
  • A320 and B737 LPCs
  • MCCI
  • Crew Refresher Training

The secret to the success of VA training courses is the discipline and structure of the training received from highly experienced instructors combined with the very latest generation type-specific simulators.

Our courses require a high level of uninterrupted application and commitment with pre-study necessary prior to enrolment.

VA trained pilots can be certain that their skills will be consistent with airline expectations and will be rewarded through an enhancement to their employment prospects.


VA is based in the historical city of Cambridge the county town of Cambridgeshire and the home of the world-famous Cambridge University.

This dual role means that Cambridge is also a thriving city which caters for both students and residents from the surrounding towns, villages and beautiful countryside of Cambridgeshire.

Training with VA is also one of the attractions. We realise that a supportive group of like-minded people creates an inspiring and conducive environment for airline pilot training. You will develop friendships with your fellow trainees and our staff which will last a lifetime.

The relationships that we build with airline employers are equally as important as the emphasis we place upon the bonds with our graduates and alumni throughout their flying careers; many even return as instructors for us and pass on their skills between generations.


Our highly experienced instructors provide a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from flying for major airlines globally.

We employ over 40 airline pilot instructors who specialise in multi-pilot and jet training who still fly and train with airlines today; thereby ensuring our trainees receive current and relevant training for their future airline careers.

Between them, our training team has literally hundreds of thousands of hours of flying, teaching and examining experience. This unrivalled experience and the airline opportunities that eventuate is a clear hallmark of training with VA.


VA B737NG and A320 type specific fixed-base simulators (FTD1 with OEM data and visual systems) are of the highest fidelity available in their class and have been chosen to meet the needs of the airline employers of our graduates.

Our simulators are used to deliver APS MCC courses, Type Rating courses and also prepare experienced pilots for their LPCs and Command Assessments.


VA is the UK exclusive Approved Training Partner for an airline mentored pilot training programme:
A training partnership to train Modular CPL/IR and Integrated ATPL pilots through our partner airline APS MCC course
Training is delivered using partner airline Standard Operating Procedures, charts and embracing the general airline approach to operations.
Supported fully by VA Competency Assurance and Crew Refresher Training


VA is committed to the core principles of ICAO competency-based training and Assessment (CBTA). Any VA APS MCC (Whitetail and mentored pilot airline partner) and Type Rating Trainee that needs additional training to achieve the required competencies, will receive it without any additional fees. This enables our trainees to focus upon their success and not worry about money.


Due to the COVID19 epidemic, there is a risk that APS MCC skills and competencies may atrophy after graduation and prior to future airline assessment. VA has eliminated this risk through providing our APS MCC graduates (from 1 Jan 2020) with CRT 6-months after course completion (just like 6-monthly airline recurrent training) or prior to an airline assessment (whichever comes sooner).


Having worked with both Andy and Petter (the founders of APC) over many years, VA shares a kindred spirit with them in recognising the importance of genuine, competency-based training as an ethical commitment to our cadets and experienced pilot customers.

It is a natural extension to these long and close relationships that we should enthuse to want to progress achieving common aims with the APC team in their exciting new venture. We wholeheartedly support the value of the APC Indicative Assessment (IA) during pilot training.

Recognising these common values of quality, service and standards, we are pleased to offer full APC members:

  1. A £300 reduction on the ‘Whitetail’ APS MCC fee (normal VA fee – £6,900)
  2. A £500 reduction on the ‘Whitetail’ APS MCC fee if booked together as pair on the same course (normal VA fee – £6,900)
  3. A £90 reduction on Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation -ASAP (normal VA fee – £590)
  4. A £90 reduction on Airline Employment Fundamentals – AEF (normal VA fee – £990)
  5. All VA course fees include UK VAT at the prevailing rate.