​The Airline Pilot Club and Aero Locarno SA create a new pathway to becoming an Airline Pilot.

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August 3rd 2021

PC and Aero Locarno SA have today announced the launch of a partnership that is aimed at providing aspirant airline pilots with professional guidance and high-quality theoretical and practical training as they progress on the route to becoming an airline pilot career.

APC has established an 8-step process that guides people and their families through all the key issues associated with becoming an airline pilot.

Aero Locarno SA has earned a reputation for providing high-quality training which is why it is the ATO of choice for Swiss and Northern Italy based future airline pilots.

APC provides access to an online assessment of suitability to the airline pilot career. Member webinars are designed to improve awareness of, and preparation for, the airline pilot career. A key element of the APC process is to connect its members with high quality Approved Training Organisations (ATO) such as Aero Locarno SA.

APC founder, Captain Andy O’Shea FRAeS along with Aero Locarno SA Managing Director, Stefano Buratti have unique experience and connections in the airline industry. This partnership will allow them to leverage these wide-ranging resources so that APC members and Aero Locarno SA students benefit from introductions to well-known airlines throughout Europe and the best possible start to an airline pilot career.

Commenting on the announcement, APC founder and CEO, Captain Andy O’Shea said “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with Aero Locarno SA. I am very aware of the quality that Stefano and his team provide their students. What is also impressive is Aero Locarno’s commitment to protecting the environment as it trains the next generation of aviation professionals. Use of the Pipistrel E Plane, solar panels supplying electricity needs, and minimised use of paper all point to a corporate environmental awareness that we in APC applaud. We are excited to give our members access to Aero Locarno SA’s training services.

On behalf of Aero Locarno SA, Stefano Buratti said: “We are convinced that the training standards based on competences delivered by Aero Locarno shall be appreciated by the aviation market. Having them combined with the quality and the network of APC will make our cadets excellent professionals and employable pilots”


APC registration and membership is available at www.theairlinepilotclub.com/registration.

Aero Locarno SA services can be reviewed at Aero Locarno SA



Andy O’Shea, CEO APC – Andy@theairlinepilotclub.com or 00353 87 682 3212

Aero Locarno SA contacts: CEO Stefano Buratti – stefano@aerolocarno.ch  +41 76 463 1077

Notes to editor

Captain Andy O’Shea is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Chairman of the EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group and is widely regarded as a leader in the pilot training industry. He is an experienced Airline Pilot, Instructor, Senior Examiner, and airline pilot training manager.

He has been a professional pilot for 40 years including 27 in Ryanair. As Ryanair’s Head of Training for 18 years he managed the training of over 10,000 low-hour pilots as they transitioned successfully from initial qualification to their first Airline Pilot job.

About Aero Locarno SA

Stefano Buratti is the managing director, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer with background in economics. He has been professional pilots for 15 years, covering key managerial roles for AOC operators such as Continuous Airworthiness Manager, Flight Operations Manager and Crew Training Manager.

Under the new management, in the last three years Aero Locarno training capacity has more than doubled on a yearly basis. Employing mainly professional pilots as instructors, the school developed a training method close to airline training techniques, preparing students for their flying career from the very first flying hour with a full glass cockpit fleet. Our ATO is committed to excellence. We do not compromise on safety with training and produce students with knowledge and skills above the normal Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements.​