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The first step you need to take to avail of the many benefits of APC is to register with us. This is completely free and the easiest step you will take on your journey to becoming an airline pilot. Once you have registered you will get access to:



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This is an incredibly important step for you to take as it will make you attractive to our partner Flying Schools and Airlines.  The more information you include about yourself the more attractive you will be. You should include information such as:

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The next step you should take is the Pilot Career Indicative Assessment. The assessment is now completely free. The IA report will be e mailed to you and will tell you what your strengths and weakness are in relation to the airline pilot career.

It is also great preparation for full suite of pilot assessments that you will have to complete with Flying Schools and Airlines.


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Complete the Pathway to Pilot Competence course. This is a free e-learning course developed by APC experts. You will learn all about the human aspects of being a great airline pilot. Topics include:

  • Human Factors & Limitations
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • The 9 Essential Pilot Competencies

When you have completed these steps you will be a very attractive potential student for a Flying School or employee for an Airline.